Good Work Studios

Good Work Studios delivers substantial value to its clients via three practice areas: consulting, web and application development, and storytelling.

Alcott Whitney

Alcott Whitney is a full-service marketing agency that delivers results for its clients by virtue of a disciplined, strategic approach to the client’s business, a relentless spirit of innovation, and a commitment to true partnership.

In business today,
what is good?

Most commerce today comes at a cost. There are losers. Business owners profit by exploiting some other stakeholder or resource—whether their employees, their customers, the environment, their communities. That kind of business is easy. But it’s damnable.

Good work refuses to exploit. Good work is sustainable. Good work creates real value for all stakeholders rather than expropriating value from another. Good work is harder—the business owner serves the interests of others and derives reward from it. But that work is good and is to be sought at all costs.


Good Work Studios exists to start and operate businesses for the purpose of generating profits to fund non-profits and other worthwhile efforts to change peoples’ lives. Each GWS business is committed to do two fundamental things:

1) To operate in a fashion that ensures that no stakeholder is exploited for the benefit of another—clients, vendors, employees, and our community are all treated fairly and with respect.

2) To donate at least 50% of its profits every year to non-profit groups and worthwhile humanitarian causes.

Our hope along the way is to challenge or inspire other companies to do the same—even surpassing our contribution to do good.